As we mark the third anniversary of the Champlain Towers South tragedy in Surfside, Fla., I want to take a moment to honor the memory of the victims and reiterate CAI’s commitment to promoting safety and resilience within community associations.  

The lessons learned from the tragedy underscore the critical importance of proactive measures such as regular inspections, preventive maintenance, adherence to building codes, and comprehensive emergency preparedness planning in condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowners associations.  

CAI responded by initiating a comprehensive effort to supply community association leaders with the knowledge and tools to safeguard their communities and residents. Chief among those efforts has been educating board members and community managers about the importance of prioritizing structural integrity assessments and promptly addressing potential risks. Effective communication regarding maintenance needs and safety protocols also is essential to foster a culture of vigilance and responsibility. 

In addition, in the years since the Champlain Towers South tragedy, CAI has been at the forefront of advocating for legislative changes to enhance building safety standards. We continue to work with lawmakers to introduce and pass legislation mandating regular inspections, transparency in maintenance records, and adequate reserve funding. These measures are designed to ensure all community associations adhere to best practices in building safety and maintenance. 

I want to assure the entire community management industry that CAI remains dedicated to providing education, resources, and support to community associations to protect the lives, well-being, and investments of all community residents. 

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