It’s been an eventful and exciting adventure for CAI and our industry over the past 48 years. Since 1973, CAI has grown from a grassroots organization to an internationally recognized leader in education and advocacy. Community building has been a constant theme—and not just because it’s where we live, work, and volunteer, or what we advocate for and support. CAI is a community of professional, extraordinary people from all walks of life coming together for the greater good.

The idea of community building has never been more important for CAI. Our world has changed dramatically over the past two years. We’ve implemented technological advances and workforce changes at an unprecedented rate. We collectively held our breath when Champlain Towers South collapsed in June.

This year, let’s come together again. We have an opportunity and an obligation to move forward from the difficult lessons of the past two years and build a stronger, more resilient future. The CAI Board of Trustees is preparing to tackle some of the biggest issues facing our members.

Improving safety. We’ll continue the conversation started by the Condominium Safety Public Policy Report. Now we must convince legislators and regulators to create policies and bills that provide long-term solutions.

Attracting and retaining talent. The board will look at how we promote our educational programs, apprenticeship programs, and member engagement to address labor shortages. We’ll also be taking steps to further diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for our members and communities.

Keeping the focus on members. CAI is only as good as the people and foundation on which we are built. The board will continue efforts started last year reviewing our bylaws to ensure we are staying relevant to our members and communities.

In 2022, I hope we can get back to our roots, support each other, and remember that it takes a community to build our future. I am honored to serve as your president and am looking forward to seeing many of you in coming months.

>>Meet the 2022 Board of Trustees.

  • Jessica Towles

    Jessica Towles, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, vice president of community associations at Hammersmith Management, AAMC, in Englewood, Colo., is CAI’s 2022 president. She has spent 24 years in community association management. She was exposed to the profession at a young age through two family members who worked with communities in the Chicago area, and pursued the career after college. She is a longtime member of the CAI Board of Trustees, served two terms as chair of the Community Association Managers Council, is a member of the education faculty, and has contributed her expertise to initiatives to attract job seekers to community management.

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