Neighbors helping neighbors. That’s what makes community associations special. Whether you’re delivering meals, collecting donations, grocery shopping for an elderly resident, or calling to check on a quarantined neighbor, every act of kindness helps. We know that behind every successful community, there are dedicated homeowner leaders, community managers, and business partners working daily to assist residents and offer solutions.

We applaud the actions we are witnessing by community associations across the globe. During these challenging times, we are seeing the true strength and perseverance of humanity. We understand that first responders and healthcare workers are on the frontlines battling this catastrophic virus, but we need to do our part to inform, educate, help stop the spread of COVID-19, and help others.

As each day brings new information, it’s important for community associations to realize the role they play. While tensions run high, it’s essential to set a higher standard for the way community residents respond to difficult changes. Let’s take the time to say thank you to the people who are working tirelessly in our communities to find medical masks for residents, answer calls in the office, clean the elevators and common areas, or visit a dozen retail outlets just to find paper products for the community.

We know successful communities need homeowners, managers, and business partners to work together. We need each other now more than ever. Understanding that the situation is changing quickly, the decisions made today can have a lasting impact on our communities tomorrow. A good place to start: Look for ways you can help, and say thank you to your community’s volunteers, staff, and business partners.

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