While nestled in the heart of Spring, Texas, where snowfall is a rare sight, the Windrose Community Association has found a creative way to bring the joy of winter to its residents. For years now, this close-knit community has been making cherished memories by building an annual winter wonderland and snow hill for the children. This heartwarming tradition not only fosters a sense of togetherness but also showcases the community’s commitment to creating magical moments for its youngest members.

In a state known for its warm climate, snowfall is a rare occurrence. However, the Windrose Community Association recognized the excitement and wonder that snow brings to children and decided to make it a part of their annual tradition. Each year, usually during the holiday season, Windrose transforms a designated area into a Texas winter wonderland by creating a snowy hill that children can enjoy.

“This year’s event was hotter than usual, with the snow hill being placed the day before the event and a storm blowing through overnight,” said Lisa Murillo, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, community association executive with Chaparral Management in Spring, Texas. “The event was successful despite the fact that mother nature messed with Santa’s big day in Windrose,” she continued.

The annual snow hill event is a true community effort. Neighbors come together to help set up the snowy winter wonderland, with volunteers from various Windrose committees pitching in. The true magic of Windrose’ annual snow hill lies in the smiles and laughter of the children. As the snowy hill takes shape, anticipation builds among the kids, and when the time comes, they rush to experience the thrill of sledding, snowball fights, and building snowmen. For many children in Windrose, this event may be their only opportunity to play in the snow, making it an unforgettable experience.

The snow hill event is not just for children, however; it’s an occasion for the entire community to come together. Parents, grandparents, and neighbors gather to watch the children have a blast in the snow. It’s a time for adults to catch up, share stories, and strengthen bonds, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the Windrose community. Beyond the fun and excitement, the annual snow hill event teaches important values to the children of Windrose. They learn the significance of community, cooperation, and the joy of giving, as the event often includes opportunities for charitable contributions, such as food drives or toy donations.

This heartwarming tradition not only brings joy to the children, but also strengthens the sense of community within Windrose. It’s a reminder that even in a climate where snow is a rarity, the warmth of a close-knit community can create magical moments that last a lifetime.

  • Hazel Siff

    Hazel Siff is associate editor at CAI. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara's communication department and worked as a student journalist at both UC Santa Barbara and Santa Monica College. Hazel has worked in print media, on multiple podcasts, and on a YouTube show. Originally from Western Massachusetts, she has spent the last several years living in Southern California.

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