CAI is thriving today because of our dedicated, selfless, and inspired members, chapter leaders, and staff. Thanks to them, CAI is the international center for community association information, best practices, education, and advocacy. Thanks to them, community associations are great places to live.

As we gather with our families, friends, and neighbors this holiday, we’re reminded just how important we are to each other. All year, CAI members have shown up, ready to work, collaborate, and engage. We shared stories and offered expertise, we sought guidance and solutions, and we were there to give a hug, a warm handshake, or a big smile.

There is nothing more local than the democracy practiced in homeowners associations, where leaders are elected by their neighbors. Today, more than 74 million Americans live in community associations and more than 2 million of them volunteer to serve on their governing boards to preserve neighborhoods and protect property values.

The responsibility of being a board member can be the equivalent of a second full-time job and comes with many challenges and opportunities. Often a rewarding and thankless position, homeowner leaders offer their service and leadership to make their communities great places to live. Thank you.

Professional community association managers play a pivotal role in these communities. Across the globe, thousands of managers bring essential expertise to the job, offering years of financial and management experience. Managers often are the communicator, customer service agent, organizational leader, and all-around problem-solver.

We know that many manager members have expressed feelings of increased pressure amid the on-the-job demands since the COVID-19 pandemic. As your partner, CAI is here to support you and spread the word about the tremendous value and benefit of your growing profession. Thank you, managers. Every day, you come ready to carry out the board’s directives, offer your advice, respond to questions, prepare for meetings, and make time to talk with a resident or business partner.

No matter a community’s size, we understand that partnerships play an important role in success. CAI business partner members bring innovative products, valuable services, and trusted solutions that improve community operations, governance, and management. Thank you.

As we gather this holiday, I hope you will take time to share some gratitude with your community’s board members, managers, and business partners. Together, they make community associations great places to live.

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