For communities around the world, and with apologies to Walt Disney, it really is a small world after all. As I traveled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Manama, Bahrain, and Mumbai, India, earlier this month on behalf of CAI, I was struck once again by the similarities and common challenges community association managers and boards face around the world, and how CAI is perfectly positioned to provide the resources and guidance to help them do their jobs more efficiently, effectively, and successfully.

No matter the location of communities around the world, I was reminded once again that the business of managing communities is fundamentally the same. They all face common challenges. Be it Chicago, Madrid or Dubai, our goal at CAI is to deliver best practices that make communities successful and bring professionals together so they may share experiences and learn from each other.

During my nine-day trip, I had the honor of presenting during a one-day master class on the various facets of community management. Between 50-75 professionals attended the program in each city, along with local business partners and government officials.

The pace, scale and sheer number of housing projects being built under the community association housing model across the Middle East and India is accelerating rapidly and highlights managers’ need for adequate education, training and collaboration to meet the explosive growth in the region. CAI is positioned to support the continued growth of the model through its educational content, along with conferences and other events that provide professionals with access to an international network of colleagues and resources.

I believe CAI’s most fundamental strength lies in its ability to foster connections in communities around the world and offer members a robust system where ideas, knowledge and wisdom can be shared across borders of all kinds. That kind of practical and collegial support is tremendously valuable in a stressful management environment and fast-changing global marketplace.

No one in this industry should ever feel like they are all alone; somewhere in CAI, you can find help to solve a common challenge. Just like the iconic Disney theme park ride that celebrates our commonalities and strengths, CAI is ready and able to be the voice for the international nature of our business and provide support to our members wherever they may be.

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