By Sammie Rosenbloom

As the professional backbone of homeowners associations and condominium communities, community association managers have a special set of skills and expertise that are essential to successful operations and governance. On June 13, CAI will celebrate managers—the more than 55,000 community association professionals in the U.S. and thousands more worldwide.

These individuals have a tremendous impact on the functionality of the community association housing model because of their professional knowledge in fiscal management, urban planning, facility maintenance, and community development. Thanks to their virtuosity and specialization, community managers have helped community associations become preferred places to call home.

Over the past 50 years, the community association management industry has experienced tremendous growth. An industry that began with a few managers with little experience has exploded into a popular career path with tremendous opportunities for advancement and professional development.

In the U.S., there are more than 355,000 community associations housing roughly 74 million Americans, according to the Foundation for Community Association Research. Many of these communities rely on the support and knowledge of their community managers to meet the needs of their residents and ensure that the homeowner leaders who govern their communities succeed.

Community managers showed inspiring resilience during the past two years in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. As community leaders, they provided guidance, resources, and support to navigate state and federal health and safety protocols and shutdowns. Facing these unexpected challenges proved to be a difficult task, but community associations managers worked hard to manage resident expectations and provide them with the comfort of knowing they were not alone through these difficult times.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation on June 13 for community association managers who create a sense of belonging, support, and purpose within the communities they serve. We invite you to celebrate managers by using the hashtag #IntlCAMDay, posting a picture of your manager on social media, and sharing why they are a superstar.

>>Celebrate managers with CAI on June 13 for International Community Association Managers Day.

Sammie Rosenbloom is a Northern Virginia native and currently an intern with CAI’s communication and marketing team. As a rising junior at Denison University, she is majoring in Communication and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Communication. Sammie is an active part of Denison’s campus organizations as the Director of Events for Women in Business, as well as the Director of Recruitment Events for Pi Beta Phi’s Ohio ETA chapter. 

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