Nestled among the tall, brilliant, and imposing skyscrapers of Charlotte, N.C., sits the TradeMark Condominium. Built in 2006, this 28-story, high-rise community evokes a warm, inviting, and family-like atmosphere in this major financial center in the Southeastern U.S.

TradeMark, with 200 residential units and one commercial unit, has a very diverse population of young and old, singles, married couples, young families, divorcees, and retirees. The building is one of three communities that hosted the 2023 CAI High-Rise Managers Workshop last week. The is designed to bring high-rise community managers together to share work experiences, review problem issues, and share best practices.

When entering TradeMark’s bright, compact, and modest lobby, it doesn’t look like a typical high-rise. There is no concierge or large seating area. Amenities in the building include a gym, fire pit, a secure pet area, and restaurant. The community offers social events such as movie and pizza nights. There’s a large and luxurious rooftop pool and grilling area that’s a popular spot for residents to gather to relax and socialize during warm weather. The community installed new fitness equipment in February.

Excellent community cohesion and communication set this building apart. On New Year’s Eve 2021, an unexpected leak on the 15th floor took out the building’s two elevators and affected 31 units, according to TradeMark’s management team. CAMS Regional Vice President Chelsa Fenner, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, who is part of the TradeMark management team, says when the elevators broke, residents stepped up and supported each other through an inconvenient and aggravating experience. Neighbors ran errands and carried groceries and other supplies up and down the many flights of stairs for those who couldn’t climb.

A notable difference at TradeMark: There is no on-site management personnel. Ultimately, an on-site manager isn’t as important as the communication, education, and engagement with residents, say the TradeMark management team. “Having patience, listening, sympathizing, and relaying information” to residents is the top priority, they say.

Fenner gives a lot of credit for TradeMark’s success to the board, which she says is very responsive to homeowners’ requests and concerns. There’s a mutually healthy, respectful, and successful relationship between the TradeMark board and management.

Together, the management, leadership, and residents of TradeMark have created and nurtured an excellent example of what a community association strives to be: an oasis that offers everyone a welcoming, cheerful, peaceful, and preferred place to call home.

TradeMark was one of three communities that attendees of the High-Rise Managers Workshop had the opportunity to tour. Avenue Condos and Fifth & Popular also served as hosts.

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Lead photo (above) caption: Attendees of CAI’s High-Rise Managers Workshop tour Fifth & Poplar condominium in Charlotte, N.C. The workshop, held July 17-19, offers tours of local high-rises, education sessions, networking, and opportunities to connect with business partners. Click on the photos below to view more from the event. Photos by Grant Baldwin.

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